Texas City

  • Take 45 South to Palmer Highway
  • Exit, it will loop over 45 to the left
  • Go about 3 miles you will run into Texas City
  • Go through about 15 traffic lights
  • Road will "T"
  • Take a right
  • First light take a left
  • Driver over Big Levee
  • Second bait camp on the left (50/50 Bait & Tackle)

Directional map to Texas City


April Fool Point Marina

815 ave O
San Leon, Texas 77539


To April Fool from Houston

  • South on 45 to Galveston
  • Take the Santa Fe/646 Exit
  • Turn left going back over 45
  • Stay on 646 until you see a Jack in the Box
  • Go about 1 mile you will come to blinking red light
  • Turn right
  • Go to the next blinking red light and turn right
  • You will see Wayno's Bar on the right, and a small gas station and a United States Post Office on the left
  • Once you have made a right that road will dead end into Topwater Grill/April Fool Point

There are some blinking yellow lights, dont pay attention to them. Remember (RED) lights are where you make your turns. Please don't get lost because you are counting blinking yellow lights!


Map to April Point Marina