Well it’s the 1st of April, the water temperature is at that magic 70 degree temperature so it’s time to slam some big Trout. The only hindrance to fishing in April is the wind is usually blowing 15 to 20 knots, that’s blowing pretty hard!

If you’re looking for a Trophy Trout this is the time to go, Prime time for this type of fishing is excellent from now until the end of May. My last fishing trip around the end of March I caught some real nice Trout in the 3 – 5 lb range and one of my customers caught a 28” HOG that weighted in at 8lbs … that is a Beautiful Thing!

The way I catch these big Trout in the spring is using the biggest live shrimp I can find suspended under a rattling cork. During the spring time trout find the live shrimp bait irresistible which makes for some pretty easy fishing.

There’s no getting around the wind this time of year but I still manage to get some fishing in, if the wind is out of the South and not blowing too hard I can usually put my customers on a nice box of fish. So don’t’ let a little wind deter your fishing, give me a call and lets get out there on the water and do some spring time fishing.

“It’s a Beautiful Thing” Captain Bob “Mangus” Drisgill